Donald Trump To Look At Pardoning Edward Snowden

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As we’re all aware by now, you have to take much of what Donald Trump says with a grain of salt. His latest quip though did pique several journalists’ interests as it addressed one of the biggest gaffes remaining from the Obama administration. While speaking to the press on Saturday, President Trump said that he will “strongly look at” the possibility of pardoning Edward Snowden.

If you don’t know, Edward Snowden is a former CIA employee who leaked several classified documents and exposed a massive government spying scandal. In May of 2013, Snowden fled the country, escaping federal charges from the government and perhaps even worse. This isn’t the first time that a pardon has been mentioned when it comes to Snowden. The unique part this time around is the fact that a President has acknowledged it as a possibility. Back in 2016, then-President Barack Obama said he “couldn’t because Snowden hasn’t presented himself in court.”

The prospect of a pardon for Snowden has been one that has debated in congress over the years. The general consensus has been of the opinion that it’ll never happen. During his press conference, Trump acknowledged that there may be some merit behind a pardon. Trump went on to say “Many people think that he should be somehow treated differently and other people think he did very bad things.”

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