Five Things I Learned At San Diego Comic-Con

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Buy When You Have The Chance

Serious collectors already know this, but this was the hardest lesson I learned during SDCC. Because of the rarety of exclusive collectibles at Comic-Con, they’ll be naturally harder to obtain than other collectibles. Add the sheer number of people who attend the con into the mix, and you have a near impossibility to really score that Funko, or other action figures you’ve had your eye on. If given the chance, buy your stuff EARLY and avoid heartbreak. If you’re lucky enough to get a badge that includes preview night, this is generally the best time to strike.

Preview night is the unofficial first day of the Con, but also the absolute best day to buy what you want. Most vendors will still only be open for pre-order customers only, but for those that aren’t you have free reign over whatever they have to offer. This is the easiest way to virtually guarantee yourself one of your coveted collectibles. Be prepared to wait in line still, as there will be a ton of people who are looking to score the same things you are.

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