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Google Leaks Pixel 8 Pro Design Ahead Of Fall Event

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The month of September can’t officially commence without a plethora of leaks from Google. This time, they’ve perhaps outdone themselves by managing to completely leak the design of the Google 8 Pro in full 360-degree glory. Google dropped a new 360-degree simulator that lets you view any of their devices, front to back, top to bottom. The Pixel 8 Pro appears in the simulator in three colors and confirms some of the hardware mysteries surrounding the devices.

If you know anything about Pixel phones, then you know Google will come up with some sort of snazzy name for each specific color ahead of the official launch. For now, we can at least confirm that the Pixel 8 Pro will come in Black, Pale Blue, and Sandy Brown models. There’s also a new temperature sensor on the rear of the device which will be used for checking your temp, versus that of the device.

There’s been no official spec confirmations from the renders, but one can surmise quite a few changes by looking at them. It looks like we’ll be getting a flat display, a bigger pill-shaped camera array on the back, and the beloved SIM slot will make its triumphant return on the Pixel 8 Pro. We’ll finally get the full details on both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro during Google’s Fall event on October 4th. For now, we’ll continue to speculate until the next big leak from Google.

Source: The Verge.

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