Is This Really The End Of Attack On Titan?

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Barrelling towards a series finale in the next week, Attack on Titan seems poised for a fantastic conclusion. The show itself has been absolutely fantastic. Perfectly balancing between action-packed anime and slow-burn thriller. All the while captivating fans new and old alike, leaving us all wondering is this really the end of Attack On Titan?

In short, yes. The fourth season has been known as the final season of the anime for quite some time now. Producers are adamant that this will indeed be the conclusion of the anime which, in normal cases would be totally believable. In the case of Attack on Titan though, there’s still some room for hope. For starters, there have been a couple of interesting leaks that lead us to believe that the final season is the FINAL season, but there will be multiple parts to it. Additionally, the manga on which the show is based hasn’t been completed yet. This means either the show will rapidly wrap the series and spoil the conclusion of the manga, or there are more projects planned to tell the complete story.

I personally tend to believe that we’ll likely get a split season over anything else, largely thanks to a couple of super-sleuth leakers online. Eagle-eyed fans noticed a post from Studio MAPPA sound director Masafumi Mima that was clearly labeled “Attack On Titan: The Final season part 1.” The post was quickly deleted, but not before several screenshots were taken. There have been no further leaks about a potential second part of the final season, but that doesn’t mean this is really the end.

Leaked script from Masafumi Mima showing “Attack on Titan: The Final season part 1”

If there isn’t a second part of the final season, then perhaps we’ll get a movie to tell the conclusion of the Attack on Titan story. So far, the manga is set to conclude in April, which leaves several chapters of unknown story to be told after the anime will have aired its final episode. Would the series creators be so bold as to accelerate the conclusion of the story to coincide with the airing of the anime finale? I think it’d be highly unlikely to see this happen, which means making a movie to tell the remaining bits of story the unreleased manga will have left is a sensible thing to do.

Either way, we’re in for a wild ride. The potential series finale will air on Monday, March 29th. You can watch it on Crunchyroll or Funimation here in the States.

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