National Geographic Nerd Nite After Party

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If San Diego Comic-Con isn’t epic enough, the nightlife after con will continue to blow your mind. Nerd News was fortunate enough to score tickets to National Geographic’s “Nerd Nite” after-party which celebrated the return of their popular show “Brain Games” set to premiere December 1st. When we arrived we were told that we were one of the lucky 450 who got into the event out of 2400 who tried.

The food and drinks were flowing and the entertainment didn’t disappoint. The presenters included Cara Santa Maria the field host for the new Brain Games, Eric Leonardis, a Human-Robot Interaction Expert, and Eric Leclerc, Imagination Illusionist. We even got to listen to the first-hand experiences of Kimberly Jeffries and Andrew Gray’s sighting of Deep Blue, the largest known Great White shark on earth which was feeding on a dead sperm whale off the coast of Waikiki. Cara Santa Maria gave us a preview of the refreshed Brain Games which will be hosted by Keegan Michael Key and will feature celebrity guests.

Eric Leonardis presented on brainwave technology and the ethics behind uploading your brain to the cloud (Which was fascinating and terrifying all at the same time). Eric Leclerc is a mind-boggling illusionist and familiar face from past Brain Game episodes. He took several volunteers from the audience and performed what seemed like several impossible feats. We had so many questions for the presenters. We wished we could have asked them a few questions but were grateful to see their presentations.

It was an entertaining evening that fueled our nerdy minds. We can’t wait for Brain Games to drop on Nat Geo on December 1, 2019.

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