Nintendo Is Bringing Animal Crossing To Mobile Phones

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Nintendo just announced a new Animal Crossing adventure that’s coming to smartphones soon. The game will be called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and it looks pretty rad. In Pocket Camp, you essentially play the role of a visitor that gets thrust the role of camp manager, building and maintaining a camp filled with animals for you and your friends. You get to make the camp your own by adding new buildings, and amenities to interact with.

Nintendo seems to be really capitalizing on the popularity of their biggest franchises. First with Pokemon GO, then Super Mario Run, and now Animal Crossing. The latter seems to have the biggest potential of all of them, thanks to the breakout popularity of previous Animal Crossing games. To sweeten the pot a bit more, Nintendo is including some compatibility with your friends and characters from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Gameplay centers around you, as the new camp manager, with the goal of expanding and bettering the camp as much as possible. You’ll use items found on excursions, and with the help of your digital handyman Cyrus, you’ll make sweet digs for all your animal buds. You’ll also get to play mini games that will allow you to catch bugs and fish, to allow you to pass the time. 

As with any mobile game, the initial game itself will be free, with DLC and micro transactions available as you go. There’ll also be seasonal events within the game that will unlock more items and animals for you to interact with. With as large and diverse a world most Animal Crossing games are set in, you’ll be playing this title for hours on end. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be available to download in late November, but you can pre-register for it right now.

Hit the links below to sign up for the game:



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