Rumor: This Year’s COD Game Will Be Black Ops 4

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After regaining some its core fan base with last year’s WWII game, Call of Duty will be heading back to the Black Ops timeline. After receiving tons of backlash from the hyper futuristic ‘Infinite Warfare’ it looks as if Activision wants to restore the franchise to prominence. Black Ops titles are typically the most popular installments largely due to their fast pace, and robust online options. Call Of Duty: Blacks Ops 4 could be headed towards consoles sooner than previously expected.

According to multiple sources, Eurogamer is reporting that Treyarch is working on the fourth entry in the Black Ops franchise to launch “later this year.” They are also alleging that Treyarch will dial back some of the futuristic elements that gave gamers fits from the last few titles. The especially upsetting Infinite Warfare seemed to be the last straw, causing Sledgehammer to retreat back to World War II, and in the process a potential shift in the Call Of Duty theology. 

It appears future Call Of Duty games will be more “grounded” with more focus on user experience and story. The newest Call Of Duty game will debut on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s also slated to appear on the Nintendo Switch, making it the first Call Of Duty game to appear on a Nintendo console since Call Of Duty: Ghosts in 2013. Traditionally, Call Of Duty titles are released in November, so we still have a little way to go before we get any concrete confirmation. Either way, this is pretty exciting news for fans of the franchise. 

Stay tuned as we await more details from Activision!

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