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These Are The Three Best Rumors About The Samsung Galaxy S10

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Although the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ aren’t even halfway through their life cycle, we’re already looking ahead. Even though the Galaxy S10 is still a year off, there are scores of rumors circulating about how it’ll look and perform. The next version of Samsung’s flagship might be its most important as both Apple and Google are poised to release their most anticipated devices, perhaps ever. Not only that, but Android devices are becoming increasingly more sophisticated across all manufacturers. This should create an immediate sense of urgency with Samsung’s design team to make the Galaxy S10, their greatest phone yet. Of all the rumors we’ve read so far, these are the three best about the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Iris Scanner Out, In Display Fingerprint Reader In

Word has it that Samsung is looking to ditch their current biometric tech in favor of something more dependable. Although the Iris Scanner sounds cool, the fact is it was highly inconsistent, and drove most users insane with how often it didn’t work. So, in its place, Samsung is rumored to be working on an in-screen fingerprint reader. As of right now, this tech is still in its infancy, but if anybody could bring it mainstream, it’s totally Samsung. They not only have the team to do so, but they also have one of the largest disposable cash flows which means they could throw money at this to make sure it works well before the phone hits the market. An in-screen reader would also allow Samsung to create a stand out phone in an area that’s becoming increasingly more crowded.

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