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Several years ago, I sat down with a few friends of mine and started a website. We called it ‘Nerd News’ and our mission was to spread the word about all things “nerdy.” We achieved our goal but also wanted to expand our content catalog, focusing on the whole of pop culture.

As time passed, I became the sole owner and proprietor of Nerd News. Stepping into this new role allowed me to fulfill a life long goal of mine, which was becoming a writer. Nerd News allowed me to achieve several personal goals that I had set for myself, but something inside of me wanted more.

I have always felt a personal responsibility to use my voice and my platform to help those in need. Whether it be deciding what phone to purchase, or breaking down misconceptions surrounding attending a comic convention. Consuming, relaying, and interpreting information has always been a skill of mine and now I want to venture into the world of Journalism.

So here we are, welcome to The Curated Culture. This is a new venture where I will stay true to my background in tech blogging while expanding to the world of Op-Ed journalism. Yes, I’ll still write about my first love, but I’ll also be diving into more serious material such as mental health, politics, science, sex, religion, you name it, and I’ll talk about it.

In the coming weeks, we’ll start loading in more content for you to enjoy, and we’re also hard at work on a brand new look and feel for the site. For now, I’ll drop a few think pieces or reviews for your enjoyment, and we’ve also archived the entire Nerd News catalog for you to enjoy.

Thank you all so much for your support, thank you for taking this journey with me.

Rob Boggan

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