You’ll Be Able To Buy A PS4 For $200 On Black Friday

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If you’ve been looking for an affordable gaming console, you’ll soon be in luck thanks to Sony. Starting November 19th, and running all the way through Cyber Monday, Sony will be pushing some pretty incredible deals towards consumers. The 1TB Playstation Slim leads the charge, selling for an amazingly low $200. If you’ve been hesitant to pull the trigger, there will be no better time than during this sale.

The Slim PS4 isn’t the only thing that’ll be on sale though. Sony will also be pushing VR Bundles as well as additional hardware discounts. The Gran Turismo VR bundle will be sold for $299, while a Skyrim VR bundle will be on sale for $349.99. Both of these bundles are pretty awesome considering they equal a savings of about $100 each. 

Dual Shock 4 controllers will also be on sale for a mere $40 a piece. Perhaps the coolest thing about that sale, is that it’s not just the plain black or blue controllers for sale. Sony says ALL colors including the newly released translucent Dual Shock 4 controllers will be on sale. 

As a added bonus, if you’re a PS Plus member, you’ll get access to these sales a full two days early. So if you subscribe to Sony’s premium online service you can take advantage of these prices beginning November 17th. Sony will be running these deals through their online store, as well as with their retail partners.

The only drawback is, if you’re not a PS Plus member, you’ll either have to hunt these deals down in a store, or wait until November 21st for online savings. Either way, these are some pretty sweet deals, especially if you’re looking for a cheap PS4, or been wanting to upgrade an older model. For complete details on all the deals, be sure to check out the Official Playstation Blog.

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