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Dear Google, Please Fix These Things On The Next Pixel

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Tighter camera integration across third-party apps

This. This right here is where Android devices lag considerably behind Apple devices. iPhones have always provided a good, consistent camera experience not only in the native camera app but across almost all third-party apps. Pixel devices excel for users in the native camera app, but not much outside of it. Using the camera inside Instagram, or Snapchat for example, the quality dips considerably, especially while using the selfie camera.

The largest problem is, and probably will be, a forever problem for Android users. Yes, the dreaded scourge known as fragmentation. The biggest drawback in the entirety of the Android ecosystem is the fact that there is TOO MUCH variety. With so many manufacturers using so many different variations of hardware and software combinations, app developers have too many moving parts to code for.

I would like to see a unified developer kit for high-end Android devices. If fragmentation will be a thing, then Google should lean into it. High-end functionality for high-end devices. Incentivize developers to build better experiences for the “flagship” Android phones, especially Pixel devices. Sure enough, with Android being based on an open-source kernel, this could potentially pose an issue for lower-end Android devices, but it is a viable solution for now.

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