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Dear Google, Please Fix These Things On The Next Pixel

4 min read

Optimize the battery. For real this time

Pixel phones have long been hit-or-miss when it comes to consistent battery life. Some users report pretty standard battery life while others proclaim the battery to be subpar. I sit firmly in the audience of the latter. Admittedly, I do use my phone pretty consistently throughout the day. I take photos, record videos, answer emails, and indulge in my social media cravings for a good portion of the day. By the time mid-afternoon comes, my battery is typically toast.

During the time I was using an iPhone (the iPhone 12 Pro Max), I can remember being able to coast well into the evening before I’d have to worry about getting to a charger. For the Pixel to represent the optimal Google/Android experience, everything has to hit, and right now, the battery life can be considered the single biggest miss on the devices.

It’s not a question of the size of the battery, but rather what Google does with it. Optimization is key, and this is one area where Google seems to consistently miss the boat. Certain apps won’t touch the battery, while others will nuke a charge cycle in mere minutes. I would like to see better optimization on all fronts to give the Pixel a fighting chance for power users like myself. This is especially important because our phones continue to gain functionality and capability. An optimized battery is paramount to the overall experience.

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