Three Reasons Why You Should Buy The iPhone 13 Pro

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The Camera

This one should’ve been obvious, but with each new iPhone, you can pretty much be guaranteed a great camera upgrade. The biggest difference here is the upgrades with the camera are more on the video side than with photos but are still pretty substantial. The iPhone 13 Pro will be getting a big boost in camera specs, so let’s break them down:

For starters, Apple made sure to mention that in each iPhone, they have increased the size of the camera sensors themselves. This means more light enters the sensor, allowing for a more vibrant, less noisy photo. These new sensors will also allow for “night mode” photos to be taken regardless of which lens you’re using.

Apple is also adding some of the coolest “cinematic” camera tech directly to the iPhone 13 Pro. For starters, there’s an awesome new Macro photo and video mode. These modes allow for a superzoom effect without losing quality in photos or video. This is accomplished by using the ultra-wide lens to achieve a zoom level down to an insane 2 cm.

There’s also a new cinematic mode, which adds a layer of depth manipulation to videos. This is accomplished by the camera shooting with a shallow depth of field, and automatically adding a focus transition when the subject looks away. It also operates in reverse by detecting when the subject is about to enter the frame again, thus bringing them back into focus.

Cinematic Mode on iPhone 13 Pro

If you’re not satisfied with your current camera capability, or just want something much more powerful, this is the phone for you.

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