Three Reasons Why You Should Buy The iPhone 13 Pro

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The Super Retina XDR Display

They did it. They finally did it. After having the capability available for the last 3 years, Apple has finally blessed us with an iPhone capable of supporting a 120hz display. They’re calling it the Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion, and it’s a beast. For the uninitiated, a 120hz display is currently the highest refresh rate available on mobile devices. This is important because it allows higher, more consistent frame rates, and even smoother scrolling.

The difference is how Apple is implementing this capability in its iPhones, and the method may be a bit irritating for some. Apple is calling this capability ProMotion, and it’s more of a variable refresh rate versus a set one. What ProMotion does, is it automatically scales the refresh rate up and down depending on how you’re using your phone. Naturally more graphics-intensive games will benefit from a cranked-up refresh rate, while simply reading an article online will have a more subdued refresh rate to save battery life.

The refresh rate will also auto-adjust to match the speed at which your finger scrolls. Apple also managed to shrink the TrueDepth sensor, resulting in a larger display area, while also ramping up the color and brightness.

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